Everybody Loves Hardwood Floors, But ...

Let’s face it – hardwood floors, while exquisitely beautiful, are not as durable as we would like. They scratch and chip and need to be re-stained. Not to mention the warping and staining that can happen if you spill on the floor & don’t clean it up fast enough or if you have a water leak in your home. And if you’ve got kids or pets (or both) the problems just happen sooner. Eventually, you look at your floor and all you see is the dents and scrapes and imperfections where your once beautiful flooring sat. You find yourself wondering if you should have gone with that laminate alternative instead.

So what if I told you there was a way to get the beauty of hardwood floors with the durability of tile?

Okay, maybe this isn’t a new concept to you, but wood-scraped tile has come so far in the last 5 years! Here are some of the PROS of wood scraped tile:

  • Durability – Tile flooring is considerably more durable than hardwood. It can withstand scratches and scrapes and your dog’s claws. Plus, unlike porous wood, tile is more resistant to moisture, especially porcelain as it is denser, so (if installed correctly) you don’t have to worry about warping. Porcelain is even fireproof.
    • A Note: Wood scraped tile comes in ceramic and porcelain. If you go for a ceramic tile, make sure to get it glazed and sealed as this significantly increases its durability and water resistance capabilities, although porcelain still has a longer lifespan than ceramic.
  • Maintenance – Tile is so low maintenance, especially compared to hardwood. It’s easier to clean, porcelain is stain resistant, and it is relatively easy to replace a tile or two if need be.
  • Warmth – Tile is great because you can install radiant heating pads underneath to keep your toes warm in the colder months. You can’t do that with a lot of varieties of hardwood.
  • Selections – There are just as many, if not more options when choosing a wood-scraped tile instead of hardwood. There are hundreds of colors options, different wood-look designs, and many different plank width options. You can even get “reclaimed” wood-scraped tile! You can also lay the tile into different patterns like brick-joint, corridor, and herringbone (pictured below).
  • Price – Tile is equivalent to, and usually cheaper than wood, especially when the wood market gets volatile.
  • Outdoor Usage – You can put tile outdoors with no concern, unlike wood, making your outdoor kitchen patio as dreamy as you could imagine it.
  • The Look – It has often been a past concern that because of grouting, wood-scraped tile will never look quite as real as hardwood. But this really shouldn’t be a concern. Getting tile with rectified edging means that you can put them closer together and use less grout – and the tile will look just as authentic as real wood. And while tile is a bit difficult to install, so is hardwood and tile is more cost-effective than hardwood.

You can find wood-scraped tile at your local home improvement store or flooring store, as well as online. If you are interested in learning more about wood-scraped tile, check out Daltile.