Making Your Home Fall-Proof + Free Downloadable Checklist

It's September, and although the weather may not be changing yet, we are quickly headed into fall. Here in the Pacific Northwest, that means one thing - rain.

In an effort to help you get your home ready for fall weather, we've put together this checklist for you:

Exterior - 

  • Clean out your gutters and inspect for weakness. If you don't have gutter screens, consider getting some to keep your gutters clog-free. And remember to check in on your gutters after heavy rainfall, strong winds, and storms - they may need to be clean out again.
  • Check your roof for any potential leaks and other problems and have them fixed now. You don't want to have to deal with that when the weather gets bad.
  • Inspect your siding and trim for any rot or other needed repairs to keep your home water-proof.
  • Trim back tree branches that could become a liability in strong winds and storms. Better safe than sorry!
  • Consider laying gravel or pavers in high-traffic dirt areas before they turn into mud zones.
  • Clean and store or cover any outdoor furniture and decor.
  • Weed out your garden and lawn, plant any spring bulbs, and fertilize your lawn to protect it through the winter.
  • Chop (or purchase) firewood and be sure to store it in a dry place - wet wood does not burn easily.
  • Ensure that all outdoor lights are working properly.
  • Turn off and drain your pool, hot tub, sprinkler system, and exterior faucets and hoses. Clean and cover the pool and hot tub, and store hoses away.
  • Repair damaged concrete. When water gets in those cracks and freezes, it creates bigger cracks, meaning more repair work later.
  • Collect fall tools such as rakes and store them somewhere you can easily access them when needed.
  • Store any removable window a/c units.

Interior - 

  • Check windows and doors for drafts. Weatherstrip and caulk as needed.
  • Prepare your entry way. Purchase new interior and exterior doormats for wet and muddy feet. Make space for wet coats and umbrellas to hang and dry.
  • Ensure your heating system is working properly.
  • Have your chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke and CO2 detectors.
  • Have a professional come out and inspect your plumbing lines for any leaks.
  • Change your sheets - pull out the warm flannel sheets and heavy blankets.
  • And of course, decorate your home with fall decor!

You can click here to download your free copy of this checklist.

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