A Window to Smaller Energy Bills

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows Now:

1. Comfort

     Older windows are prone to letting in more heat and more cold that affect the overall temperature and feel of your home. Replacing them with new windows will add a more stable interior environment to your home.

2. Safety

     As your house ages and settles, windows are more than likely to pull away from their framing, leaving large cracks in your walls. In a rainy environment like the Pacific Northwest, rot and mildew are also common problems. Updating your windows is the perfect time to fix the are surrounding them, keeping the inside of your home safe from the outside environment and sturdier to withstand the test of time.

3. Natural Light

     Getting your windows replaced is the perfect time to consider making them a bit larger. Adding to the length of your windows will greatly enhance the natural light coming through to your rooms, giving the room a whole new feeling for not much extra cost.

4. Cost Efficiency

     Did you know you can lose nearly 30% of your heat or air-conditioning through your windows? Because your older windows let out more heat and cold, they are having a negative impact on your utility bills. 30% of your heat or a/c is a lot of money. Putting in new energy efficient windows will save you money on those utility bills in the long run. Plus, Energy Trust of Oregon is offering money back incentives right now.

Tax Credits & Rebates

The State of Oregon is currently offering a tax credit called the RETC – Residential Energy Tax Credit – but the RETC is scheduled to end on December 31st of this year. The RETC is a tax credit for homes that meet energy efficiency requirements.


We are a Trade Ally of Energy Trust of Oregon. That means if you decide to have us install new energy-efficient windows in your home, together we can send in an Incentive Application* to Energy Trust so you can get some cash back on those new windows you had us install.

Energy Trust incentives aren’t just limited to windows though. You can get incentives for insulation, appliances, water, lighting, and more. For a full list of incentive options, check here. While Energy Trust doesn’t give out the RETCs, the ending of this legislation may affect their available incentives. We want you to get the best incentives possible, so we’re recommending you upgrade your windows before the end of 2017.

*Available only for customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas, and Avista.
McMinnville Homeowners powered by Mac Water & Light can receive incentives through Mac Water & Light. Learn more here.

For more energy-saving tips, check out the Energy Trust website. Want to know how much energy you are using? Check your local library for a Kill A Watt monitor.