The Perks of Metal Roofing

We are currently building a new home out in Carlton and putting a standing seam metal roof on it. Here are some of the benefits of a metal roof:

  • Look - the metal roof is a classic look, lending itself to many different architectural styles. Plus, it comes in dozens of colors, styles, and patterns!
  • Durability - metal roofing won't rot, curl, split, flake, peel, break, burn, or blow off. It's also more resistant to hail, wind, fire, and freezing/thawing problems than composite and asphalt roofing materials. Not to mention it's so much lower in maintenance than those other materials and lasts much longer.
  • Lightweight - most styles are less than one-third the weight of asphalt shingles.
  • Energy Efficient - metal roofs in general are more energy efficient than asphalt shingles, and you can upgrade to "cool metal roofing" that is even more efficient because of the pigments in it and the way they are designed to reflect sunlight and heat. This guide talks more about the importance of a 1-150 NFA balance in your attic.
  • Value - besides the fact that metal roofs last significantly longer than other roofing materials, they can also add resale value to your home, and, in some cases, even reduce the cost of your homeowners' insurance.

You can learn more about our roofing services here. And in the meantime, you can follow along with the progress of the Carlton Quaker House on our Facebook page.

75 Things to Do in McMinnville, Oregon

Our nearby neighbor McMinnville is the seat of the county - and the talk of the town! Here are 75 things to do, see, eat, drink, and shop in the area:


1. See a local performance at Gallery Theater

2. Tour Linfield and watch a game or performance

3. Take the little ones to Story Time at the McMinnville Public Library

4. Have teens? Join Teen Gaming Night on the first Friday of each month

5. Explore nature a mere 5 minutes out of town at Ed Grenfell Park

6. Visit Oregon’s Favorite Main Street, which, ironically, is actually on Third Street

7. See Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the IMAX Theater and Waterpark

8. If you are around in May, be sure to check out the annual UFO Festival

9. Thursdays from May to October you can find a plethora of local vendors at the Farmers Market

10. July through September, after Farmers Market, head further down Third Street for free Concerts on the Plaza

11. Check out the fantastic wooden structures of City Park

12. Or go for a dive at the nearby Aquatic Center

13. Join the Art and Wine Walk on the third Saturday of every month

14. Find out just how much of turkey you are at the annual Turkey Rama Festival

15. Learn more about the 100+ years of history on a walking tour of downtown

16. Watch the latest blockbuster at Moonlight Theater

17. Rent a bicycle and tootle around a bit

18. Visit us in July for the International Pinot Noir Celebration

19. Take a pottery lesson at Jack Potter Art Lounge

20. Spend the holiday season with us and enjoy the Parade and Tree Lighting Festival

21. Drop by in August to go to Oregon’s Oldest Fair

22. See some cool classic cars at Drag the Gut

23. Learn more about local history at the Heritage Museum

24. Go for a hike near the airport at Galen McBee

25. Learn more about local ancient geology at Erratic Rock

26. Go on a wine tour by helicopter with Konect Aviation

27. Get wet in the fountains at Discovery Meadows

28. Take a jewelry making class at Jack of All Beads

29. Watch local artists perform at Mac Stage 


1. Enjoy fine dining farm-to-fork at Thistle

2. Get a drink at The Oak

3. Try a Latin meal from Pura Vida

4. Indulge in a scoop (or two) from Serendipity Ice Cream

5. Partake in tapas at La Rambla

6. Have a taste of New Orleans at Gem

7. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a pastry from Red Fox Bakery

8. Eat some amazing BBQ at Ribslayer

9. Enjoy a freshly made sandwich and soup at The Sage

10. Visit one of the many wineries in the area

11. Spend a meal at 1882 Grille, featured in Sunset Magazine

12. Munch on some yummy pizza from 3rd Street Pizza (P.S. Mondays & Tuesdays are Dollar-Slice Days)

13. Find an afternoon pick-me-up at Union Block

14. Or if tea is more your style, check out Velvet Monkey

15. Sample some local brews at Grain Station

16. Enjoy some local produce from Harvest Fresh

17. Get Mexican at Los Molcajetes

18. Embrace weird at McMenamins Hotel Oregon restaurant and bar

19. Chill out at Nick’s Italian Café

20. Grab a pint at Golden Valley

21. Eat hearty at The 411

22. End your day bitterly at The Bitter Monk

23. Join the community at Community Plate

24. Have a real live monkey watch you eat at Alf’s

25. Indulge in carbs at Great Harvest Bread Co

26. Enjoy breakfast at WildWoodCrescent Café, or Morning Thunder - you can’t go wrong!


1. Find all the yarn you could ever dream of at Oregon Kitting Co

2. Buy a bunch of flowers at Poseyland

3. Experience the charm of Third Street Books

4. Bring back something for everyone from Third Street Oil & Vinegar

5. Check out the local cycling culture at Tommy’s

6. Purchase something sparkly for her from Accessory Appeal

7. See some of the cutest clothes around at Cupcake Couture

8. Buy local at Yamhill Valley Dry Goods

9. Indulge your music snobbery with some vinyl from The Vortex

10. Visit “McMinnville’s Back Yard” in the Granary District

11. Find cute curios at Heavens to Betsy

12. Bring your inner child to life at Hopscotch Toys

13. Make your home a little more beautiful with finds from La Bella Casa

14. Be sure to stop by The Merri Artist for all your art supply dreams come true

15. Purchase some feminine fineries at Mes Amies

16. Bring home a taste of the Pacific Northwest from NW Food & Gifts

17. See more fabric than you could dream of at Boersma’s

18. Enjoy the eclectic offerings of Found Objects

19. Get some sweet deals from Real Deals on Home Décor

20. Find all your garden needs (and more!) at Incahoots

Just make sure that wherever you end up shopping, you bring your own reusable bags with you.

*Square Deal Construction Company does not necessarily endorse these companies.

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How to Choose the Right Contractor for You

We understand that choosing a contractor is not an easy task – there’s a lot involved with finding someone you trust to work on your home. You don’t want just anyone to complete your project. We get that, and we feel the same way.

Much like finding a business partner, you want to find a contractor who you trust, who communicates well with you, who knows what you want and is able to do it for you. And this is especially important if you have a job that will last longer – you don’t want to get halfway through the project and realize the contractor you hired is not going to work out after all.

So we’ve compiled the following lists of questions for you to consider when choosing a contractor.

Things to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I feel comfortable and safe with this contractor?
  • Do I trust this contractor to work on and in my home?
  • Does this contractor know what they are talking about?
  • Are they explaining things in a way that I can understand? Are they using big words to confuse me and make it seem like they know more than they do?
  • Is this contractor being transparent with me, or are does it feel like they are hiding things?
  • Does this contractor actually listen to me and understand what I want?
  • Do I have a good gut feeling about this contractor?
  • Does the value of what I’m getting make me feel good about the price? Is it worth it?

Things to Ask the Contractor (& Our Answers)

  • Are you licensed?
    • Yes. Our CCB license number is #172566. You can check that our license is active at the CCB website here, and we can give you a copy as well, if you would like.
  • Do you have a lead license to work on homes built prior to 1978?
    • Yes we do. Our Lead Based Paint Renovation license is LBPR172566. You can learn more about Lead Safety requirements here.
  • Are you insured?
    • We are insured through United Fire Group, with Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Excess Liability. We can provide you a copy of our insurance. We also are insured through SAIF Corporation in compliance with Oregon Workers' Compensation laws.
  • How long have you been in business?
    • 20 years as of November 2017.
  • How do you handle any problems that arise? Can you site a specific example?
    • If a problem comes up, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible, and likewise we will notify you of any problems on our end. We believe that communication is key. We will work with you to come to an agreement/solution regarding the problem. If need be, the CCB offers arbitration services. This is what the State of Oregon has to say about resolving disputes.
  • What exactly am I getting for the price you’ve given me?
    • We make our estimates as specific as possible, and if you have any questions, we would love to go over your estimate with you.
  • What is your payment plan?
    • We ask that you put down a 50% deposit at signing so we can secure a spot on the schedule for your project and get materials ordered. Depending on the length of the project, we ask for one to three progress payments, and once the work is completed, we send you the final invoice.
  • Do you offer financing? Will you work with me to get financing?
    • Yes, we do, and yes, we will. We can provide you with several financing options. An approximate monthly payment option will also be listed on your bid.
  • Can you give me a list of references?
    • Gladly! We always send our references attached to your formal proposal, and if you’d like to see them before that, just let us know.
  • When can you start the work?
    • Starting date will depend on the project and what our calendar currently looks like. For a more specific answer, you can call our office at 971.832.0191.
  • How long will it take to complete the project?
    • Project length will also depend on the type of project, but this is something you can ask our estimator when they come out to take a look.
  • What products will you be using? Why those products?
    • Again, this depends on the project, but we would be more than happy to tell you what products we would use on your project and why we like them.
  • What kind of maintenance will I need to do after the fact?
    • Check out this helpful Art of Manliness checklist.
  • Do you have a warranty program for your workmanship? What about the products?
    • Product warranties vary depending on the manufacturer. Square Deal extends to the original Homeowner the standard 1 year construction warranty, to cover the life of the renovations.
  • Is there anything else I need to know?
    • For a full rundown of Our Process, click here.

Things to Ask Their References:

  • What kind of project did this contractor do for you?
  • What was the process like?
  • Were there any hidden fees?
  • Did the price you were charged match the price on the estimate you were given?
  • What was the cost versus value experience for you?
  • What were the pros and cons of working with this contractor?
  • Did you have any concerns or problems with this contractor? If so, how were they remedied?
  • Would you hire them again? Why (or why not)?

We understand that your home is your safe place, and we want it to stay that way.

For more helpful information when it comes to choosing a contractor, check out this brochure from the Certified Contractors Network and this question list from the National Association of Home Builders.


1. What happens when you come out to my house to give me an estimate?

The intention of the first meeting is just for us to meet, go over the project, get a feel for what the project consists of and what your expectations are. We will discuss your budget and types of finishes you would like. Sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for the desired finishes, in which case we can talk about alternate solutions. Depending on the complexity of the project, we can come up with an estimate during our visit. Other times, the estimator will need to leave, do some research, and get back to you with an estimate. Once this process is complete, and you feel comfortable working with Square Deal, we would start the process of creating a formal proposal. This will include all the specs for the job, to include, types of trim, flooring, siding, windows, roofing, cabinetry, countertops, faucets, etc. With this information, we can create an accurate lump sum proposal. We try very hard to account for every aspect and not use budgets for items like some companies do. This is more work in the beginning, but it allows the project to flow more efficiently and it reduces the surprise cost overruns by the end of the project. Often times we will need construction drawings to allow us to bid the project accurately.


2. I’m not sure what I want my project to look like exactly. Can you help me with that?

We have an in house Architectural and Interior Designer, who can create these drawings and assist you with all of the design and selection aspects of your project, if you need or would like help with this. Our fee for this service starts with another design consultation at $65 per hour with a two-hour minimum. Based on the information gathered from that meeting, we will prepare a proposal for the design work and construction drawings. These designs and drawings will be yours even if you choose not to use us to do the project.


3. What if I want to accept your estimate, but I’m not ready for you to start my project yet?

If you decide to go with Square Deal but aren’t ready to start your project until next year, we will just keep your proposal in our file and rebid at the time when you want to start the project. We are normally 3 months +/- out on larger projects.