Design Services

We work with you to make your dreams a reality by providing all your design service needs. We work with an interior architect and an engineer to make sure all plans are permit-ready and safe for your living situation. Our design fees start at $84 per hour, with a two-hour minimum.

Consulting Services - 

 - Materials and design specification, review, revisions, and clarification from start to finish.

 - Project interface and overall management, representing Homeowner.

 - Contractors, subcontractors, building officials, vendors. 

 - Research and development for specifications.

 - Onsite construction and overview, or design clarification.

Conceptual -

 - Programming.

 - Space planning concept design development.

 - Materials selection and specification.

 - Preliminary design preparation and finalization.

 - Concept renderings for creation and processing into a JPG.

Planning Services -

 - Construction documents.

 - Preparations for building department plan submittal.

 - Construction documents final.

 - Change orders.

 - Site review as needed.

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