We use Sherwin-Williams paint for all of your painting needs.

In-Home Color Consultation Services – Square Deal offers a 90-minute in-home color consultation with every paint job we do. This service has a $95 value and is free for all paint proposals signed by June 30th.

Lead-Based Paint – If your home was built prior to 1978, odds are it has lead. In fact, the older your home, the more the odds of it having lead. Homes built prior to 1940 are 87% more likely to have lead. All contractors are legally required to test homes build prior to 1978 for lead. The test to find out if and where lead-based paint may be located in your home is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes. As a lead certified contractor, we use lead-safe practices when prepping the exterior. This should only be done by a lead certified contractor. You can learn more about lead safety in the EPA’s Renovate Right brochure.

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Repairs – As a full-service contractor, we have the ability to repair issues that may come up during the prepping phase of the project, i.e. drywall repairs, damaged or missing trims, bad gutters and flashings, etc. Specialty painting contractors normally don’t have the kill set to identify, much less repair these issues, making them more likely to just paint over them. We at Square Deal know how to fix issues like these, so we will always bring them to your attention and let you choose whether you want it to be fixed or just painted over.

Interior – Interior paint easily brightens up a room and adds new life to your living space.

Exterior – Increase your curb appeal by painting the exterior of your home. When painting the exterior of your home, we start by pressure washing the exterior with mold inhibiting spray to remove all dirt, grime, and debris. We then inspect the exterior for rot. If any rot is found, we will let you know and bid to fix the problems as needed. Next, we will cut out any cracked or failing caulk and replace it with new. We then apply 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams paint, in your choice of color, with an industrial airless sprayer and back brush as needed. When painting your home, we are careful to apply the proper, recommended thickness of paint to keep your home looking better for longer. We do recommend that an annual cleaning be done on your exterior paint to help achieve the maximum like of your paint job.

Here are our best tips for picking a paint color.

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