Pre-Fabricated Homes

We are the Oregon contractor for Stratford Homes. The cost of a modular home is very comparable to the cost of site built homes depending specifications and location. The advantage to building a modular home is not the cost but the fact that they are built indoors and out of the elements; it is a “greener” way of building, less chance of rot issues, and they take less time to build since a crew can work preparing the site while it is being built in the factory. The homes arrive onsite already 85% complete. Here is the Stratford site where you can look at floor plans. Please keep in mind that these plans may show optional items that are not included in the base price – things like garages, dormers, and porches/decks are an additional fee. Once you make a final decision on which house you like most, we can create a design with all of your chosen options for a design fee of $2,500. From there, we can work on giving you a more exact cost. The approximate cost of a modular home (not including land or services) with mid-range finishes is $125 per square foot. With a basic flat lot, no upgrades and entry level finishes the cost would be around $115 per square foot. If the land requires more preparation, you add options and/or choose higher end finishes, the cost could be about $150 per square foot or higher. Because of the high number of variable when building a home, these are very generic costs and are intended only to give you an idea of price range, not a solid number to plan on. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to start the design process.

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