All Oregon residents know how important it is to have a quality roof. And all good contractors know how important proper attic ventilation is to the life of your roof (and the comfort of your home). That’s why we ensure both quality roofing and proper ventilation.

We are a Shingle Master Certified company partnering with CertainTeed Roofing Products to bring you the quality roofing products and installation you expect and deserve. Our Shingle Master Certification allows us to offer a Sure Start Plus 4-Star 50-year warranty that others cannot. This provides a 50-year non-prorated warranty against manufacturer defects, including: materials, labor, tear off, and disposal. This extra coverage is only available through a roofing contractor with the CertainTeed Master Installer credentials.

We also install standing seam metal roofs in a variety of gauges and colors.


We always inspect the sheathing for structural integrity, rot, mold, and other deficiencies. We install WinterGuard waterproofing underlayment in all valleys and around roof penetrations, plug holes in roof where any existing roof vents are being removed, and upgrade eave vents as needed and install continuous ridge vents to allow for a 1-150 NFA*. Then, we install DiamondDeck underlayment on the entire exposed roof surface of your home and garage, and install new painted drip flashing at all eaves and gables. We use premium quality pipe flashing at all plumbing vents and proper bath/laundry exhaust vent flashings with backdraft preventers as needed. Finally, we install CertainTeed roofing shingles in your choice of color and style.

Your new roof comes with a Lifetime warranty and is algae resistant. We use algae resistant shingles to help prevent moss growth. This will reduce maintenance and prolong the life of your new roof.

*A proper attic ventilation system will lower the temperature in your attic. This will increase the life of your roof, allow your HVAC system to run less which will increase its life expectancy and lower utility bills, and will help in lowering the temperature in the upper portion of the home during summer months. Proper attic ventilation is required for roof warranty to be valid.

Learn more about what makes a great roof with our Roofing 101 guide.


Gutters & Gutter Screens – We install new seamless fascia-style gutters with high flow downspouts, in your choice of color from our provided samples. We also install premium quality Z Bend Green Gutter Screens as an option with your new gutters. This is a cost effective, black powder coated expanded steel product. The wave design maximizes the flow of water through the screen and into the gutter. These screens come with a lifetime warranty on the materials.

Roof & Gutter Cleaning – Cleaning your roof and gutters will help extend their life. We remove moss from your roof with a stiff brush and dispose of debris. Next, we clean out gutters to remove debris, inspect seams, and re-seal as needed and as best possible. We will reset any spikes as needed. We then flush down spouts to confirm proper flow. Finally, we apply moss-inhibiting granules on the roof to help deter future moss growth. (This does not eliminate future moss growth but does slow it down.)