When your siding is failing, it’s important to get it repaired or replaced to protect your home, especially in our rainy Pacific Northwest climate. We can do both! We always inspect behind the siding for rot, mold, and deficiencies and will let you know what we find.

Repairs – If your siding is lacking in a couple places, or maybe that last winter storm blew a couple pieces clean off, let us know. We can match your existing siding to keep your home protected and looking good.

Replacement – Ready to replace all of your siding? We can do that too! We remove and dispose of all existing siding, trim, and weather resistant barrier. We then inspect for rot, mold, and deficiencies, and will work with you to repair any problems as needed. We then supply and install new Henry BlueSkin VP100, a self-adhesive weather resistant membrane that doesn’t require any fastening, taping, or sealing, for extra protection and energy-efficiency, keeping your home safe from the Oregon rain. (You can learn more about why we love BlueSkin so much on our blog.) Next, we supply and install new composite SturdiMount trims for all light fixtures, receptacles, and hosebibs. (If there’s not enough space, we will build them for you out of HardieTrim.) We supply and install new HardieTrim® with wood grain texture to the outside corners and windows, rabbiting the outside corners to allow for a tighter seal and a more finished appearance. We supply and install new highback sloped headflashings at the top of windows and doors. And finally, we supply and install new HardiePlank® fiber cement siding per manufactures specifications, sealing joints as we go. We can then paint your home, or you can opt for ColorPlus HardiePlank, a fantastic new technology where they bake the color right into the siding to help preserve the color longer.

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