When your siding is failing, it’s important to get it repaired or replaced to protect your home, especially in our rainy Pacific Northwest climate. We can do both. We always inspect behind the siding for structural integrity, rot, mold, and other deficiencies.

Repairs – If your siding is lacking in certain areas, let us know. We can match your existing siding to keep your home protected and looking good.

Replacement – Ready to replace all of your siding? We can do that too!

We firmly believe the base is the most important part, so we install Henry BlueskinVP 100, a self-adhesive weather resistant membrane that doesn’t require any fastening, taping, or sealing, for extra protection and energy-efficiency, rather than the standard housewrap, to keep your home safe from the Oregon rain. Unlike normal housewrap products, Blueskin is self-adhering. This means that there won't be any gapping in the housewrap, making it significantly more water-tight - just what we need here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Blueskin is technically considered a membrane, rather than a plain old housewrap. It is air-tight, water-tight, and weather-tight, which also means it is more energy-efficient than other housewraps, reducing energy bills and keeping your home more protected. You can read all about the technical data of Blueskin VP100 here.

We install new premium high back sloped head flashings at the top of all windows and doors to help the rain run off to avoid it sitting on top of the trim and beginning the rotting process.

We also install new composite SturdiMount trims for all light fixtures, receptacles, and hosebibs. (If there’s not enough space, we will build them for you out of HardieTrim.) SturdiMounts are a great way to add that extra protection to keep water from getting behind your siding and causing problems.

We trim all windows and outside corners with fiber cement HardieTrim in a smooth or wood-grain texture, rabbiting the outside corners to allow for a tighter seal and a more finished appearance.

And finally, we install new James Hardie fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is far superior to wood siding, and especially to t-1-11 siding. It is resistant to cracking, rotting, swelling, and pests. James Hardie offers three different distinct style of siding: Plank, Shingle, and Panel.

  • HardiePlank comes in both a smooth finish and a wood-grain finish made to mimic the texture of wood, but without all the disadvantages of wood. It is also available in 6 different widths to add to the customization options of your home’s siding.
  • HardieShingle lends a bungalow look by imitating cedar shingles. It comes in staggered edge, straight edge, and half rounds, as well as individual shingles.
  • HardiePanel is a vertical siding installed with HardieTrim batten boards for a “Board and Batt” look. It comes in four different textures and three different sizes.

All James Hardie products are made to withstand the climate of the area they are being installed in. We are in HardieZone HZ10, where the products are specially designed to protect your home from heat and humidity, provide durable moisture resistance, and protect the siding itself from shrinking and splitting. Hardie siding comes with a non-prorated 30-year limited warranty.

We then paint your home, or you can opt for ColorPlus HardiePlank, a fantastic technology where they bake the color right into the siding to help resist fading and preserve the color longer. The ColorPlus finish comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers paint and labor, protecting against peeling, cracking, and chipping.

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