Windows are an often overlooked project, but are actually a key component to keeping your home’s temperature regulated. Older homes often still have single-pane, aluminum-framed windows that let practically any old gust of hot or cold air through and into your home. Replacing those old windows with new, more energy efficient windows is a really important update to make to your home.

Some other reasons to replace your windows:

  • Leaky seals
    • If they are letting water in to rot the walls, it's definitely time for new windows.
  • Movability/operation
    • We can replace non-operable windows with windows that open, or we can change operable windows into non-opening picture windows.
    • Tilt-turn windows are a great new option as well. Learn more here and here
  • Aesthetics
    • Our standard colors include: white, almond, adobe.
    • We can also offer you custom exterior colors: red, brown, green, black, adobe, bronze, and silver.
    • Windows that don't currently have decorative grids can be replaced with windows that do, and vice versa.
  • Single-pane v. dual-pane v. triple-pane
    • There’s a lot of talk out there about triple-pane windows. With a LoĒ-i89 coating paired with a LoĒ-366 coating, dual-pane windows act like triple-pane windows, with better performance and cost value.

We furnish and install new dual-pane Prime vinyl windows that have a minimum U-level of .30, and in some cases even get as low as .22. Prime windows are made with Cardinal Glass, which is manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest. Their windows have some amazing capabilities – you can learn more about the wonder that is Neat Glass on our blog.

If you want to lighten up your space, we can relatively easily replace your old windows with taller ones to allow more light in.



We are a Trade Ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, working to help you get rebates on energy-efficient upgrades to your home. For more information on what kind of rebates are available, check out the Energy Trust website.

If you are a McMinnville Homeowner powered by McMinnville Water & Light, you can learn more about their rebates here.